Loungin’ Around Music

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Lounge music is chill music to your ears. If you’re like me and enjoyed the compilation of Michael Cretu’s Enigma, you will love the paradigm seductive sounds of the genre electronica. While Enigma’s sounds were new age dance, it was a project that sold millions of records that provided a contemporary sound that was recognized worldwide. I am a big fan of Enigma and it is one my favorites in my collections of world music.

Whether you chill out with your friends, mate, or your colleagues, lounge music has become a popular modern tune in lounge and wine bars creating an ingenious ambiance of pleasurable rhythms while conversing amongst your peers. I personally enjoy the sounds of chill music while in my bachelorette pad while I write, read, do my homework or have friends or family over and have turned some of them into a new beat.

I owe my collection of world music to a trip to a dance studio where I have been taking belly dance and flamenco lessons. While I don’t take dance lessons anymore, I still pass by the studio from time to time while strolling the cities downtown where I live.

The storeowner of the dance studio was there that day. She saw me going through a rack of CD’s and I asked her what type of music was worth purchasing that was not belly dance music besides Moroccan Spirit which she had previously recommended and I loved! She pointed out Chillounge and told me that she particularly like the song “Anything With You” and also bought Namaste, “An international team of island-individualists … living in Ibiza … including world music, ambient and groovy tracts …”

The storeowner of the dance studio said she particularly loved the song “Anything With You” by Hilton FM in the Chillounge CD and I immediately fell in love with the sound and the lyrics. Chillounge, “ … euphoric and dreamlike … ethereal female vocals and angelic voices …”, has various artists such as Ikarus, Govinda, and Mysteria. Mysteria’s Tempting the Muse is also akin to Enigma. 

Electronica takes on a parallel reminder of the sounds of Enigma, such as Magna Canta’s Sanctuary, blending sleek electronica loops with ecclesiastical chant while combining world music mysticism. My favorite tune from this album is Credo which I hear often in a special program in a local radio station that caters to Electronica music on late nights or when I visit dance-trance clubs.

Try the samples given and if you like what you hear, add it to your collection.


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