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Love, an emotion given to man,

so easy to give, hard to understand

It is expressed every single day

by different things we do and say

A favorite subject in many a book,

a kiss, a touch, a good deed, a look

It causes so much pleasure and pain

no two people look at it the same

Saying no to a request,

when it would be easier to say yes

Putting something extra in a job that’s done,

always giving of yourself to everyone

No matter the color, shape, or creed,

just thinking of a person who is in need

Never looking for something in return

being called a fool who’ll never learn

If true love enters you life for a day

your outlook will change in every way

Where do you find it? Where does it start?

It’s always right there inside your heart

Just waiting for someone to turn the key

and once it comes out its easy to see

For it just spreads, it never ends,

leaving behind a trail of good friends.


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