Loving You

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One of my favorite styles of poetry is “acrostic.” This is a special acrostic and I hope you enjoy.

Latent feelings are both deep and protected. Only I have access to them

Obligation from life to death is oncoming to all living things. Does not mean it is ever embraced or accepted with willingness. It is simply overt.

Virtues admired by all who knew you, both near and far, both then and now.

Immortalized to those who loved you deeply, in memories of imponderable feelings.

Never to be forgotten in both the hearts and minds of those who are left behind. Love lives on in the recesses of our very being.

Graced the lives of so many with gentleness and gratitude. A person who loved life , including it’s pitfalls and adversities.

You have left behind so much to comfort and console, but it is the warmth of your smile, your tender hugs, and your very presence that are never more to be seen or felt.

Onward we go without you with the knowledge you are waiting until the day arrives that we will once again be together. This time … it will be forever.

United now with those who have gone before you. United we too shall be, when I am called to home. Until then I shall continue “Loving You!”

I dedicate this in memory of my sister and to all who have lost a loved one.

April 4 (Easter 2010)


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