Loving You Forever

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It was like yesterday
When I was thirteen
I looked outside the window
As I saw you laughing
Spinning around the rain
Feeling the tiny drops on your face.
Oh how romantic and sweet,
As two young eyes meet.

I used to write your name,
On the charcoal gray sand
With tiny shells and starfish around
Making memories that would last a lifetime
They said it was just a puppy love
Like a dust that vanishes in the air
Or a classy paint that fades on the wall
But what can I do
Loving you is a wonderful feeling.

I want to hate you, in any ways
Forgetting you is such a waste,
Because seeing your face,
Is like falling in love,
Over and over again
I still love you
After a long summer rain
I still need you like a sunset that never ends.

I want to freeze the day
I want you to see it in my way
How love grows over time
Greater than a life time
No word is sweeter
Than, “Loving you forever”
It will never turn to dust
Nor forget you from the past.


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