The Magic Cow

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The following story was written for a project I had to do in seventh grade:

                                    “The Magic Cow”

“Where are we?” asked Celeste. “I don’t know!” screamed Angie. “We just passed a river, and we’re surrounded by trees, we might be in a jungle.” “But I don’t see any tropical plants anywhere,” Celeste replied. Angie and Celeste are sisters. Celeste is thirteen and Angie is twelve. They live in a small village on the top of a hill with their mother. Their father died three years ago. He was out on a fishing trip during the summer. When he was in the middle of the lake he was fishing in, he fell out of the boat. He never came up out of the water and was never found. When his fishing buddies got back to the village, the girls, and their mother. All three of them cried themselves to sleep that night.

Yesterday Angie, Celeste, and their mother went to the Butterfly Festival. It is a big fair that travels the world. It is based on different types of butterflies. There are games, activities, music, and so much more. It comes to the village every spring. The two sisters and their mother always go. When it was time to go home, Angie walked in the wrong direction, so Celeste went to get her. When they got back, their mother was gone. So they walked around looking for her. When they finally gave up, they were in the middle of a thick jungle.

“Not all jungles have tropical plants, you know,” Angie said. “So?” Celeste replied. “So, we might be in a jungle,” Angie replied. ”I don’t get it. What’s so special about being in a jungle?” Celeste asked. “If we know we’re in a jungle, we have a better chance of finding our way home. Duh!” Angie screamed at her sister. “Fine. Well I’m thirsty, so I’m going back to that river to get a drink,” Celeste said. “Okay. Well, I’m going with you. Don’t want to get lost. Again,” Angie replied. “Okay. Come on then!” Celeste shouted behind her as she walked in the direction they came.

It took them about two minutes to get there, not including the screaming at bugs, getting tangled and untangled in vines, and stepping in disgusting, green, gooey stuff. When they finally got there Celeste cupped her hands, filled them with water, and drank. “Mm … this water is good.” She said after about three gulps of the water. Moo … “Did you say something?” Celeste asked. “No … did you?” Angie asked. “No …” Celeste replied. Moo … They looked at each other in horror. “It sounded like …” Celeste began. “But it can’t …” Angie couldn’t finish her sentence, either. She was in too much shock to finish. “Hello. Oh wait … I mean moo …” The voice said. The two girls slowly turned around. “Ah!” They screamed at the same time. “Moo? Are you two okay?” There stood a medium-sized, white-and-black cow. “Well? Are you?” she asked. “Um … uh …” Celeste tried, but she couldn’t speak. “You can talk?” Angie suddenly spoke out, startling Celeste. “Well, between the three of us, I’m not a normal cow,” the cow began. “Well we could’ve told you that,” Angie blurted. Celeste punched her in the arm. “Ow,” Angie muttered, “Sorry,” the cow continued, “Yesterday, I was just a cow eating grass and minding my own business. The next thing I know, some ugly fairy shows up and says I’m fat! So she says some random words and then POW! I’m thin! Then she’s all ‘Do you feel better now? Well? Do you? You should so be able to answer me.’ Then she says a bunch of weirdo words again and then I feel all tingly inside! So I try to say ‘moo,’ but all that comes out English! Now I’m a thin talking cow. Oh, and I can sing in Spanish now, too. It’s weird and random, yeah, but I can’t do anything about it. It just came with the package.”

Angie couldn’t help herself. She started laughing. Hard. “What’s so funny?” the strange cow asked. Now Celeste couldn’t help it either. She started laughing, too. “What is so funny?” the cow asked again. “Well um … uh…” Celeste couldn’t stop. When Angie started to calm down, she said, “We must be seeing things!” She started giggling. “I know! That water is making me hallucinate!” Celeste screamed out. “No, because, I’m seeing all of this too. I think. Are you seeing a talking cow?” Angie asked. “Yup.” Celeste replied. “No! I’m Nona! The talking cow! I’m real. Not a dream,” she said. “Oh yeah?” Celeste asked. “Yeah,” replied Nona. “Prove it.” Celeste challenged. “Pinch yourself.” Nona suggested. “Ow!” Screamed Celeste after she did so. “I win.” Nona stated, “Now, who are you and what are you doing here?” “I’m Celeste and this is my sister, Angie. We were at a festival with our mother, but we got lost. So we wandered around looking for her and we ended up here,” Celeste told her. “Oh. I see. Well climb on my back I’ll take you home. That ugly fairy said something about transportation before she left. That’s how I got here. I imagined a jungle and then poof! Here I was,” Nona told them. “Okay!” shouted Angie. “Alright,” Celeste finally replied. They climbed on to Nona’s back then poof! There was a flash of light then there they were. They were at the girl’s home. They each hugged Nona, thanked her, and then ran inside. After about two minutes, they ran back out with their mother. They all agreed that Nona should stay with them, so she did. They all lived there together happily.


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