Make Festive Christmas House Crafts This Year

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Christmas house crafts help decorate your home for less and provide an outlet for creative expression. Such creative activities can be very therapeutic, especially during the busy holiday season, and bring a wonderful sense of pride when completed and displayed for guests to see. Making Christmas house crafts can also be a social activity. Gather with friends and family to create ornaments, wreaths or other Christmas house crafts. You can share supplies, potluck dishes and chat while celebrating and preparing your home for Christmas.

Whether or not you craft in a group, make some Christmas house crafts for your own home or to give as gifts this holiday season. A new wreath, stocking or centerpiece will bring a little extra care and warmth to your home. Smaller Christmas house crafts, such as ornaments, would be perfect for office gift exchanges, secret santas and host gifts. Here are some of my favorite ideas for Christmas house crafts:

Garlands are a classic example of Christmas house crafts. Whether made from simple greenery or crafted with paper, Christmas garlands are beautiful arranged around the top of a door, wound around tree (the Christmas tree, sure, but also indoor trees) or a banister, and draped over just about anything else. Like with stockings, you can purchase a plain greenery garland and embellish with small items, such as painted bells, tiny felt sleds or santas. Add glitter pine-cones to a plain garland. Make your own garland by cutting out shapes or letters (“Happy Holidays”) from felt or paper, and stringing onto twine.

For one idea, take a plain garland and add glitter pinecones, ideally in silver and gold or red and green. Gather some pine cones, coat well with spray adhesive and shake in a sealable bag with glitter until covered. Another one of my favorite thrifty Christmas craft ideas is to make cinnamon dough ornaments and string the ornaments to make a garland. Kids love mixing up cinnamon dough, rolling out the dough and cutting out the shape. You can create a simple garland spelling out “Joy” with stars at each end. If you don’t have the right cookie-cutters, just use a stencil and a craft knife. Here are some of my other favorite garlands for Christmas house crafts:

Because they offer the possibility of being filled with small treats and gifts, stockings are perhaps the ultimate Christmas house crafts. If you don’t have a fireplace or mantel, you can hang Christmas stockings from a banister, chairs or the backs of doors. Depending on your level of time and skill, you can purchase a plain stocking and embellish, or you can sew up a stocking with a simple pattern. In fact, you can even create a no-sew stocking with iron-on fusible web. Use felt, holiday fabric or sturdy quilted fabric to create the stocking from scratch. Embellish stockings with embroidery, applique, fabric paint, ribbons or ric-rac. Here are some of my favorite christmas house crafts for stockings:

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