Making Up and Breaking Up in Canada

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Cupid’s arrow hurts twice: once on its way in, and then again on its way out. Oh, and let’s not forget the part in the middle. That bit can get prickly, too. Wherever you are in the romance cycle, it’s a fair guess that at some point you’re going to be heartsick.

So when you find yourself suffering from too much love or too little, here are some great places in Canada to tend a passionate heart—or mend a broken one:

Tofino, British Columbia
Moody and remote, this tiny town on Vancouver Island’s far left coast is the perfect place to propose (try The Pointe restaurant at the Wickaninnish Inn, overlooking the pounding Pacifc surf) or make peace (who could stay mad after a side-by-side hot stone massage at the Ancient Cedars Spa?). And if you’re post-breakup, there’s nothing like learning to surf to focus the mind on really important matters—like trying not to drown.

Quebec City, Quebec
Winter or summer, this fairy-tale garrison city (a UNESCO World Heritage site) is filled with love-drunk tourists snuggling in horse-drawn carriages through the quaint streets or kicking up their heels at various outdoor festivals. Need an excuse to get really close? Head for the Ice Hotel, where proximity is guaranteed. And if it all goes bad and you just want to forget her name—well, let’s just say you’ll be lucky if you can remember your own name after a night on the town.

St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador
Newfoundland is all about commitment. Way out there on Canada’s far right coast, it takes desire (and cheap air fares to Canada to get to these wild and rocky island shores. This is the place to make a baby in a king-size bed at a romantic bed-and-breakfast, but you’ll want to fortify yourself first with a picnic lunch on a bluff overlooking whales and icebergs in the Atlantic. And if you find your true love just can’t handle commitment? Well, St. John’s has more bars per capita than any other Canadian city …

Aboard the Rocky Mountaineer
Train travel in Canada is all about romance, and the most awe-inspiring rail journey of all is the Rocky Mountaineer between Calgary, Alberta, and Vancouver, British Columbia. A two-day all-daylight trip through the postcard-pretty Rockies (including an overnight in a cozy hotel and white-linen meal service), this is a honeymoon-caliber experience. The forced intimacy is also helpful for couples who need some quality face time. And if, despite best efforts, the marriage still doesn’t take, the casual and friendly in-car atmosphere also lends itself to solo travel.

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