Marbles DO Roll On

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The day started with my phoningBen Polcer's cell #..We played touch-tag telephoning for awhile, until I joined him for a "walk-in" ~tothat celebrated spot, Preservation Hall.. This would be my first time seeing the'Marblekins'since last fall, and I will take 'em, how and wherever I can, even so, before hurriedly rushing backstage, the ever-considerate Ben paused to be sure I'd be ok finding a spot.~~ There music was the USUAL ~well thought-out and presented; however, those dancers were the USUAL distraction, from actuallyseeingmusic being presented, at its finest!
After the program, for the first time I was able to have'good words' with Barnabus Jones, their trombonist, whose innate talent has been slowly dawning on me; as I see him asone of the sturdy legs keeping these LOOSE MARBLES 'steady as they roll',yet not rolling away..
Asnug tug 'round my shoulders, brought me back tothe rare-air of Marble uniqueness, in the person of Michael Magro! I would be minimizing to say 'clarinetist', for thesound that is Michael's, is almost ethereal; ~~first time I heard it, I thought, "What is it?" ~I've since decided, listening to "it" is liketrying to gather whispy clouds, gently passing by… I've also found that the nuts and bolts of the music business, can be great conversation with this Marble.
Sweet Shaye Cohn went straight to the piano for this show, where she stayed, her excellent self of course, but disappointing to me,only because I was having a mental throw-backto this time and location, just a year earlier, and hoping for a repeat.. And since there wasn't, I retell it here and now,for posterity. (which means I can come back here again, in the future to reread ~~And remember~~)
~~~It was exceedingly hot and humid. The Loose Marbles were rolling along marvelously, in spite of it..Shaye was sounding great, but signs of the heat were obvious, as she summoned the ever-thoughtful Ben(as I like to say: Ben just being Ben) who relinquished his somewhat airier spot on front line, to her on trumpet. He then did thatbit of a saunter that I love to see, back to the hot piano corner. But before sitting down (never to be seen again), he turned to the audience, doing the lead into the number, with a soft vocal, drawing us all into whatever the story of the song was…~I can't even recall its title~~only that it waspoignant, leaving me paused, wanting to hear it again.. Are you all ~pausing here with me??
By chance, Shaye and I were in conversation about "heat and humidity " and remembered performances.. ~I started by saying,"that hot noon time in Preservation Hall,You looked'so done in' back at that hot piano corner"; "And then Ben~",said she; "Yes", said I, "he changed places " ~And I realized we were exchanging words about the same incident!..~As Shayefilled in more details, I asked,"The Song? ~the song? What was the name of that 'dear song' capturing all of us out in the audience? Just thenShaye was swept away, by someone, and I STILL DON'T KNOW!!


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