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Matt Damon: Saving the World One Viral Video at a Time

There’s a lot to love about Matt Damon. He’s funny and accomplished, and he ain’t bad to look at either. But the best thing about him is that he’s not afraid to give reporters, Sarah Palin, and debt-ceiling squabblers a well-articulated, verbal smackdown when they truly deserve it. And even better, he does so with a flair that positions him as a cross between his preternaturally skilled movie characters, überbrainiac Will Hunting and überwarrior Jason Bourne. Here are our top-four inspired Matt moments.

Matt Damon on Education Policy
Matt and his mom are confronted by a reporter who doesn’t really get teachers at a Save Our Schools rally in Washington, D.C. How’d she get a press pass for this event anyway?

Matt Damon on Sarah Palin
Remember when Sarah Palin almost became vice president? Remember how scary that was? Matt spoke for us all when he said, “I need to know if she really thinks dinosaurs were here four thousand years ago … because she’s going to have the nuclear codes.”

Matt Damon on Taxes, Debt Ceiling, Tea Party
Here Matt advocates higher taxes for the super rich. As a member of the “I’ve got money coming out of my wazoo” class, would he pay more? Absolutely. “I’d rather pay for taxes than cut Reading Is Fundamental or Head Start,” he said. Somebody give this guy a direct line to the Oval Office.

Matt Damon on Fighting Wars
Here Matt plays “hardball” with MSNBC by addressing systemic flaws of defense policy that result in the working class fighting Washington’s wars. “If we all get together and decide that we need to go to war, then that needs to be shared by everybody. And if the president has daughters who are of age, then maybe they should go too.”

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.


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