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Meet the Stylists Who Make ‘Jerseylicious’ Such Tasty TV

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What do you get when you combine big hair, big nails, and big attitudes? The cast of Jerseylicious, of course. The fourth season, which premiered on the Style Network in February, has brought some interesting changes...after Gatsby Salon owner Gayle Giacomo gave the stylists the boot, they’ve taken new jobs at the Anthony Roberts Salon. Let the turf war ensue! What can fans expect next from the Garden State’s favorite feuding beauticians? DivineCaroline caught up with Tracy DiMarco, GiGi Liscio, and Olivia Blois Sharpe to find out.

DivineCaroline: Tracy, Last I checked you were unemployed. Is that still the case?
Tracy DiMarco: I just got hired at Anthony’s. I am actually using a folding chair as my stylist chair because the space is so small, but I am making it work.

DC: Olivia, you also work at Anthony’s. How are you handling being so close to Tracy?
Olivia Blois Sharpe: The salon is small. No matter if it’s Tracy or someone else, it’s just hard to be working in such a small environment.

DC: Tracy and Olivia, this on-screen feud you have going it real, or are you actually buddies off-camera?
TD: No, it is real.
OBS: We have to work together for the sake of the show, and that includes doing publicity to promote the series. We realize in order to maintain our jobs we need to show up to things together. We will always be professional when we are in public and at the salon, however we won’t talk to each other on our own. 

DC: Does this mean you are playing nice together?
TD: We have always been trying to prove we can work together. Just trying to prove it and actually proving it are two totally different things. As long as we don’t speak to one another, nothing bad will happen.

DC: Is there the slightest chance you guys can kiss and make-up?
OBS: No. I don’t want to kiss Tracy.

DC: Olivia, half of the fun is seeing what you are going to wear. Who is your [clothes] stylist?
OBS: Me, myself and I!

DC: How do you guys work with those extra-long nails?
TD: They help me because I am a hairdresser. Because of my nails I can section hair easier. When I have my nails off, I actually feel as if I’m at a disadvantage.
OBS: My nails don’t bother me. If anything, they help me do things. I have had them since I was fifteen years old and they are a huge part of my life.

DC: GiGi, aside from following your professional life, we have watched your relationship with [your boyfriend] Frankie play out on the small screen. How are you guys doing?
GiGi Liscio: We are in couples therapy and wishing for the best. I hope it all comes out really good because it is hard work. We are really trying to work on our problems.

DC: Is Frankie the one?
GL: We will see, I don’t know.

DC: What defines the “Jersey” beauty look?
GL: Confidence. It doesn’t matter what predicament you are in, confidence gets you through every time.
TD: I agree...having confidence is the key.
DC: What’s the most common hair style or procedure that your clients request?
TD: A loose wave, like a beach wave or soft curl.  
DC: What hair and makeup looks do Jersey girls love most?
OBS: Every time I get a client they want the smoky eye. I really think that Jerseylicious made the smoky eye what it is right now. Our smoky eye has a shimmer underneath the eye brow and black liner all the way out to the wing. It is a very dramatic look.
GL: For hair, the girls love length and volume. Extensions are also popular right now and the loose wave.
DC: What’s the most outrageous hair style or color that you’ve tried?
TD: I am florescent red right now. Red/violet is my most vibrant. It stands out and looks good with my skin tone.

GL: For me it was when I had black hair. Now I am a red/brown. I once tried blonde when I was in beauty school and that looked horrible on me. Warmer tones are better for my skin coloring.
OBS: I have had black hair since I was sixteen years old and nothing else.

DC: Do you have a favorite self-tanner that you recommend?
TD: St. Tropez is really good. I also like SunFx Spray tans too.
DC: What’s your signature style accessory?
TD: My big hair. I can’t go anywhere without teasing my hair.
GL: I don’t have one because I always like to change it up.
OBS: I am all about being gaudy. I am a huge fan of chunky gold jewelry. I have a huge Tupperware filled with gold jewelry. I am a huge fan of accessories because they can pull an entire outfit together.
DC: What is your relationship with Gayle?
TD: Gayle is our salon mother figure. She will scold you when she thinks you are wrong, but I think she will always have your back and love you. Although there were some ill feelings because she fired me, we are trying to move past that right now. Although I never will never work there ever again I will always be grateful that Gayle gave me my first job.

DC: Tracy, you have spoken out negatively against Jersey Shore. Didn’t that series pave the way for the interest in all of these NJ-based reality programs?
TD: No. It was only a matter of time before Jersey became popular. I just don’t like the concept of Jersey Shore. I think it is a dirtbag way of showing people what folks in New Jersey do for fun. They drink and have open sex right on TV where kids can see it. It is not a good image for our state and the people who live here. We all grew up near each other and I can tell you, my group is a group of hard workers. We have morals, real jobs, and respect for our families.
GL: As a woman you have to have class. People are going to think you are really like that party-girl image all of the time. I think young children need positive role models, and that cast is not a good example of what kids should aspire to be.

DC: What do you think is the biggest misconception people have about each of you?
TD: People think we are really catty, fight in the salon and have no respect for our bosses. I also think people get the impression we aren’t working and are just filming a show for the fun of it. We are not faking it. We really are working.
GL: In terms of my relationship with Frankie, I am not a pushover. I have a backbone and I’m really trying to make it work with him. I also say whatever pops into my mind and definitely have a good heart.
OBS: People think that we are dumb. While I may come off that way, I am far from it. Yes, I am happy, corny, and goofy, but that is my personality.

Jerseylicious airs on the Style Network on Sundays at 8 p.m.

Photos: Timothy White/Style Network


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