meeting the other side of me

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I was in a big college and I had just got my schedule. I went to my first class my therapist was there and I was so happy. I could be myself and I started flirting with him. Two seats away is a long black haired girl with crazy eyes. She is also flirting with him. He doesn't know her and he ignores her and her anger flares. Me and my therapist get heavy into flirting and he tells me his schedule and asks that I meet him in another class. As I'm getting into the elevator the girl is there she talks to me about him. And I feel familiar with yer, the look in her eyes is obbsrssive, jealosy, mistrust, and hurt. She is hard for me to talk to so I walk away. During the day I see my therapist off and on all day we exchange smiles. Also in the background she is there with hatred in her eyes for me and adoration for him. When me and him meet up again the class is very hard and difficult, he takes his time and helps Mr she is nowhere that I see. Me and him kiss and get pretty heavy into ourselves and finally the class is over we say bye and that we will see eachother tommorow. As I'm getting on the bus to go home the girl is there she is mad and asks me questions about him. I try to help her to tell her hes not interested. Explain her views are distorted and she needs help to heal from her past. She smiles but refused to agree. She sees something and says there is his car and I know it's his she wants to stop and see him. I say no but she does anyway. When we walk in it is a group on spirituality she freaks and yells at him there is no God no faith to have life is hell. I cry for her. I wake up and know that that girl is the part of me that I wont face.


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