Memoir Labyrinth – Write Through Number One

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Writing a memoir is like making one’s way through a maze. First of all, it’s hard to back away from life’s events and experiences to see them clearly. This is something we, TellTale Souls, continually work on when writing our bio-vignettes capturing the character and spirit of our mothers or other significant people in our lives.

This is a reminder to all of us who write memoir—or don’t write, for that matter. The way you remember events or experiences you’re writing about will also differ greatly from the way someone else “clearly” remembers these same incidents.

Listen to what others say, if it’s important to you to do so. Their reflections could nudge additional memories out of you. But realize that what you see clearly is your truth, at least for today, and rely on that without second guessing.

The story woman asks you to write a short, true memoir about your mother or another significant person in your life.


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