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He hears the song left over from so many years ago.
And just for an instant, he went back in time.
His youth that had left him, had once again returned,
if only for the moment, he was young and in his prime.

The memories that came back with that old song
had brought a smile to the old man's face.
He remembered that a certain girl from so long ago,
as in his mind he was propelled back in time and space.

He thought of all the things they had done,
all in the innocence of that time in his life.
Before the world would come between them,
before all the worldly stress and strife.

For a moment, he was once again sixteen,
no worries or fears, the ways of that time in history.
But all too soon, the song had ended,
and the old man was back with just his memory.

There is a lesson to be learned from this old man,
who spent a few moments back in his youth.
Treasure each and every minute you spend today,
for tomorrow they will be the memories that will see you through.


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