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In Memory of Dan Fogelberg

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I first became aware of Dan Fogelberg’s music in the 1970s. I was young and my older cousin absolutely loved his music and gave me one of his first albums. I not only admired the music, but his lyrics were like poetry to me. He obviously had loved and been hurt, wrote a song to his father saying all the things in his music that he could never say directly, as well as wrote about the interesting travels in his life. When I met and married the love of my life, I would often play Dan Fogelberg songs, especially the love songs, because they described exactly how I felt about love and life. 

I was saddened by Dan Fogelberg’s recent passing. He died from complications of advanced prostate cancer. He became an advocate to all men to have their prostate checked regularly as this particular form of cancer may be treated and cured if diagnosed early. 

I feel a sense of loss since learning of Dan Fogelberg’s death because I have listened to his music a good part of my life. About twenty years ago, I saw him in concert and enjoyed hearing his music live. Hearing his stories and anecdotes about life gave me more a sense of who he was and what inspired his writing. He also surrounded himself with very talented musicians. When you read the liner notes of Dan Fogelberg albums, you see the names of many great musical artists.

Dan Fogelberg has been referred to as “The Living Legacy” and I believe his music and words will always be with us. I think I’ll light a candle when I get home tonight and play some of his music. 

I’ll also stress to the men closest to me to get their yearly checkups and be tested regularly for prostate cancer. These simple acts may very well save their lives. 

Dan Fogelberg often wrote of the journeys and travels we make in life, so I have to believe he’s left one journey to another that will continue “Ever On.”

I will always remember the music and poetry of this talented musician. I am saddened by his death, but grateful for what he left behind. 


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