In Memory of Sinbad

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I remember your beautiful golden eyes, your fawn color, your proud stance.

I remember the way you ran in a large circle in my backyard, panting like crazy.

I remember how you always knew how to cheer me up, coming over immediately to place your big ‘ol face in my lap while I sat.

I remember how much fun we had together, going to the beach, the park and for long walks.

I remember all the tears, how much the pain hurt and the emptiness I felt when you died.

I still see you often in my dreams, in the photos and in the home movie I still have.

Sinbad, you were a part of my life for almost ten years. As a rescued ex-racing greyhound you came to live with me. And in those years, you changed my life like no other dog ever has. You were not only my dog, but also my loyal friend. I have other dogs now, but the relationship and the feelings I had with you are simply not there with them. You were unique, special, blessing…a one-of-a-kind canine angel!

I miss you but know you are still near. Thanks for all of those wonderful years. In memory of you.



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