Merry Christmas

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It’s Christmas time with joy and cheer

The day to celebrate the birth of Christ is near

Good tidings, Christmas carols, people scurrying all around

Let’s spread the good news of the Child born in Bethlehem

Noise throughout the homes with laughter that sings

Families gathering all around, giving gifts for the newborn King

This world is in chaos and turmoil and suffering

So many people lost, confused and in need of some mothering

Who is the blame for all the mess in this world?

Too many issues to deal with and all created by us all

Inflation, jobs lost, people walking around waiting on Uncle Sam’s call

There are many today, fighting for our country. They are missing their family and perhaps some good food

It’s hard to be cheerful and in a good mood

We have a choice of what we do in our life

We don’t need the biggest house with the brightest light

We can do something to help out each community

Try allowing postage to be free for the local

Lend an hear to one trying to make a difference so loud and vocal

It’s our fault the world is what it has become

We tear down each other’s culture thinking we are better and others are bums

Ignorance is contagious to say the least; if only we’d take the time out to learn about each other and sit down at the same table for a Holiday feast.

Let’s come together and put our differences to rest

Let’s look around and spread good cheer and be blessed

It’s ok to be the people we are

Let’s go outside and look to the heavens and follow the brightest star!

Acceptance is the hardest when there are so many cultures

We need to stop gossiping, hating and swarming around lives like vultures

We are not perfect, only perfect intentions

So many challenges, awareness, all not harmful I might mention

Please let’s stop all the fuss and fights, let’s lay down our troubles and all the hate and come together as a

whole, I’m telling you, it’s not too late!

A smile is universal it knows no age, race, origin or creed

Things have gotten out of hand because of all the greed

I care about you no matter who you are and where you live

It’s because Jesus died for me; my love I give.



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