To Mom

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From the soon to be released Deliberate Ramblings, by Leo Shelton, Tugson Press: 

I see it in your eyes,
Strong and obvious reflections of me
Not perfectly mirrored
Not perfectly explained
Not even always clear
But it’s here
Like the same honey dew
Running from the same flowers
Sprouted from the same ground
But in different locales
Different bees buzzing
Different weathers and seasons
In the midst of different loves
And bounties and beauties
And God’s creation
Same expectations
Sane realities

Through virtues and values
Invisible umbilical cords
As bright as yellow roses
Long stemmed
Thorn-ed and brilliant
In a mixed bouquet
With wild lily’s
And kind of silly
Sometimes strange
Yet never strained
Flowing like water
Through Cumberland’s trajectory
Cumulatively netted
Phenomenally pronounced
Even when unannounced
But all love
All wonderful
All the time …
Me and moms
Me and moms!


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