Morning Reflections ... a Sestina

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I could not rouse from sleep this morn’
‘Twas too enticing to remain
my arms about you, your tender warmth
an ember everlasting, a glow
that fills my soul, and thus in quiet fantasy
and thankful prayers I held you.

And often do I have this dream of you
laid in this fashion every morn’
we bask in peaceful, contented fantasy
and thus remain
cuddled in the afterglow
and sharing one another’s warmth

And when you start to rouse, the warmth
of my breath upon you
revives your passions, and in the glow
of light that marks the morn’
we stir, yet remain
within the capsule of our fantasy

For now our joining is but fantasy
imagining intensity and warmth
yet still we remain
our hearts and souls entwined, you
waking in the morn’
and knowing love is the glow

that rouses you, the glow
that fires your passions, our fantasy
repeating each and every morn’,
that fills our days with warmth,
my dreams of you,
in every moment of every hour remain

within my heart. And while this must remain
a dream for now, the glow
of holding you, of touching you
pervades my every fantasy
I live only to know your warmth
and awaken to have you in my arms each morn’.

And while this soul remains held captive by your beauty in this fantasy,
My heart will feel the glow of your tender warmth
And awaken to have you in my arms each morn’.


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