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A Mouse in My House a True Story

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There is a mouse in my house
a mouse in your house you say.

A mouse in your house and you want him to stay
n traps in your house to get rid of your mouse
why is that, tell me I pray?
it’s a rodent you know not a toy for play.

Well I will tell you then how I have a mouse in my house
and why he can stay
you see a boy who lives in my house found him one day
I told the boy this mouse cannot stay
The boy hid the mouse but he escaped and got away.

The boy said Mom I have riddent the house of the mouse
and have sent it away,

The mouse appeared while I was doing the wash one day
I told the boy get rid of that mouse in a very angry way
So the boy sat watch with a pellet gun  and shot the mouse
to please his mom and get rid of the mouse that way.

But the mouse was wounded and did not die
the boy cried night and day
I could not watch those tears of sorrow
so we took the mouse and doctored it and prayed.

The mouse lives in my house and proves no bother
the boy in the house knows so much the love of his mother

The mouse lives in the house we see him every day
He loves this house and we love him in a very special way
All things that live have there place in this world
We have no right to take a life to have it go away

This is a very true story my son Michael found that mouse when he was ten years old.


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