Movie Review: Babel

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There is a lot of hoopla this year about the movie, Babel, starring Brad Pitt and Cate Blanchett. Of course, the box office numbers are dismal, and there is a reason for that: The movie sucks!

This movie is like being in the waiting room of your Oncologist’s office for 142 minutes waiting to receive the bad news. Have you ever needed to call an ambulance? If so, do you remember how l-o-n-g those minutes were? Your insides were revving like a racecar, and the outside was moving like molasses? Well, you get my drift. That was Babel.  

Now, the cinematic creation of that kind of painful foreboding might be called good film-making, and my guess is this is how it ended up being nominated for an Academy Award. Well, that and its two main political messages:  (1) How rich Americans and Japanese are so morally debased, and  (2) How beleaguered are Mexican illegals and their Muslim brethren the world over. Well, that has got to play high and mighty in the minds of the liberal Hollywood intelligentsia.  

Pitt and Blanchett do a good job of being your own personal soldiers of cinematic torture…and in this case, the Ambulance arrives in the form of the credits. Whew, finally!       


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