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Some of The Best Movies Ever

(This is just an opinion. No particular order.)

- Forrest Gump.

- Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure.

- Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory.

- Curly Sue.

- Crooklyn.

- The Last Dragon.

- Terminator 2.

- Back To The Future 1 and 2.

- Ghost.

- Boyz N The Hood.

Some of The Best Artists Ever

(No Particular Order.)

- Michael Jackson

- The Fugees

- Bob Marley

- Naughty By Nature

- Toni Braxton

- Cher


- Tupac & Biggie

- Jay-Z & Nas

- Whitney Houston

Sometimes I think to myself, why is it that the best movies (according to myself) lie in the late 80s to the late 90s? It always seems like the best movies, best music, and best times in life were all in my childhood. The older I get, the worst it gets; or so it seems. I find myself saying, back in my day things were a million times better, and the 90s was the best era. Just as grown folks brag about how back in their day things were way better in terms of the whole entertainment industry and talent.

The truth is that we are so used to things, sometimes we set expectations higher than they should be. Add that to the fact that the industry has grown immensely. We have more movies and music being put out faster than ever before. And we all know it takes HARD WORK and SPECIAL TALENT to produce great pieces of work. So, with that being said, what are the chances every movie, or musical album is going to be a classic? More so, only few of them are going to exceed expectations. So while it might seem like things are getting worse, it’s not that bad. Why? Because we still have people who put out great work.

Yes, a lot of the greatness resides in the past, but the worst way to get youngins to pay attention to the old classics is to bash what they like. Even though what these kids like is terrible to you…. Me? I’ve been raised by my mom and mostly women, so I was exposed to great mainstream films and music (not the bad ones). I listened to Toni Braxton, Whitney Houston, Cher, Cyndi Lauper, Michael Jackson, Naughty By Nature and so forth. I used to listen to 106.7 Light FM all the time because that is what my mom exposed me to. I watched “Ghost” with my female cousins, aunties, and mother (while they were crying).

And all I knew was the greatness of commercial stuff. And I hadn’t comprehended the appreciation of the roots or technical side of things. Like, the appreciation of the story plot, the brilliant acting, how well together a film was put, the organization. And in terms of music, I hadn’t understood the beauty of ambiguity within the lyrics, the hidden secrets, the puns, references, the switching up of flows within a drop of a dime, the metaphors, the double entendres, the subliminal disses (Jay-Z/Nas; they stay dissing each other. On every album they have subliminals towards each other.).

What I realized is that kids will like anything that they continually grow up seeing or hearing. As for me, I had been stuck on just liking anything that sounded good, or looked good without really appreciating the Art of it. Obviously people would bash and say what I liked was too mainstream or too general. But my older cousins really sat down with me and explained the roots. Their favorite artist was Jay-Z and they explained to me how truly gifted the dude was. They broke down all of his lyrics and revealed the secrets, they broke down Nas’ disses towards Jigga on songs like “One Mic”. It was almost creepy that I had been listening to Jay-Z/Nas all those years and never really realized the hidden secrets within their lyrics. It’s like they are riddles or a puzzle you have to put together to find out what it really means. You get chills when you finally discover them. But my whole thing is that you have explain to the youngins the roots or the importance of anything; whether it’s movies, music, sports, education and life.

Me personally, I’m not into telling kids what to do, because they are going to do what they what. Instead I try to inspire them and interest them into taking a look at something different that MIGHT be better. And this tactic is far more real and effective than any type of imposing of the will or bashing as some of my peers and elders have done to me. And if it doesn’t work then, let them like their own music and their own stuff. All my little cousins and little brothers love real music (what purists call it) and they love Lupe Fiasco, Kanye West, Nas, Jay-Z, and they mostly like The Roots. And I didn’t say a word to them, all I did was play the CDs in the car while I was driving us to the park, where I was going to play at the courts. It wasn’t even my intention to get them to like that GOOD music, but they ended up liking it.


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