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Ms. Informed: 2011 MTV Video Music Awards Highlights

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MTV might not actually air music videos any more (too busy showing Jersey Shore and Teen Mom), but the artists sure are still making videos. And getting awards for them! The 2011 MTV Video Music Awards didn’t provide us with pop culture gold like a meat dress or an “Imma let you finish,” but there were still some noteworthy moments. If you spent Sunday night boycotting the network until it brings back My Super Sweet Sixteen, here’s what you missed.

Beyoncé Is Up the Stick
That’s Old for pregnant, kiddos. Yes, Lady B revealed her gestating superspawn by coyly flashing a bit of bump on the red carpet. Hopefully this will distract the tabloids from planting hidden cameras in Kim Kardashian’s uterus for awhile. But probably not. (via MTV News)

Lady Gaga Is Edgy
Really, where does one go after dressing entirely in prosciutto di parma? Apparently, one creates a gender-bending alter ego named Jo Calderone and comments on one’s aesthetic in the third person. (Sophomores at liberal arts schools across the country are writing papers about what it all means at this very moment.) Okay, the artsy-fartsiness of it all may be a bit much, but Gaga’s live performances never let you forget that girlfriend can sing. (via MTV)

Nicki Minaj Wore This 
This is a fashion statement that speaks for itself. It says, “WTF?” (via MTV)

Adele Rocked It
Here’s proof that true talent doesn’t need to be glittered up, festooned with hair extensions, or auto-tuned into oblivion to be marketable. Check out Adele’s performance of “Someone Like You,” arguably the best live performance of the night. (via MTV)

Britney Spears Was Honored
Yes, at age twenty-nine, Ms. Spears is now considered the old lady in the room. Does that make you feel ancient, or what? Spears received the Video Vanguard Award honoring a career full of amazing videos and was preceded on stage by a dance mix of all her best work—starring dancers that are younger and fitter, reminding her about all the years she was a puppet for Jive Records and simultaneously pretending that the years 2005 through 2008 didn’t happen. (via MTV


Photo credit: Getty Images/MTV


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