Ms. Informed: Betty White Rocks the Twittersphere

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Betty White Joins Twitter
The Twittersphere just got 99.9 percent better: Betty White joined under the name BettyMWhite. The Golden Girl had us giggling when she flirted with Ryan Seacrest via tweet about her new prank show, <em>Off Their Rockers</em>: &ldquo;RyanSeacrest-my new show airs tomorrow and I hear we’re in the same time slot. I’ve always dreamed of sharing a night with you…” Oh Betty, you never let us down. (Via Yahoo! News)

J.Lo Rents Out L.A. Beach for Her Kids
Jennifer Lopez spent nearly a grand to rent out a public beach in L.A. for her children (Casper included) for a day to frolic in the sand, wakeboard, and Jet Ski. Rumor has it that the cries of the local children who were banned from the beach that day could be heard miles away. J.Lo pretended they were dolphin calls. (Via TMZ)

Kanye West Is Head Over Heels in Love with Kim Kardashian
Mr. West is so in love with Kim Kardashian that he’s referring to her as “his Beyoncé.” As we celeb-gossip fiends know, Beyoncé and Jay-Z are almost untouchable, and with Kim’s dating record, we can only assume that Kanye’s infatuation will last no longer than seventy-two days. (Via Us Weekly)

Anthony Bourdain Calls Paula Deen Greedy
Surprise, surprise: Anthony Bourdain hates Paula Deen. In his latest rant against the Butter Queen on Good Morning America, Bourdain called Paula “greedy” and “cynical” for creating a brand based on “excess without guilt” when she knew the health risks such a diet pose. Wait a minute … Paula Deen likes fattening foods? I wonder what gave it away. Perhaps it was her butter-flavored lip-gloss. (Via NY Daily News)

Photo source: Alan Light (cc) 


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