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Ms. Informed: Celebrities! They’re Just Like Us!

How did you spend your weekend? Watching wall-to-wall Fashion Week coverage? Marveling at Ali Lohan’s new face? Watching 9/11 tributes and Never Forgetting? With the nation’s eyes on New York, Hollywood was free to let down its guard, and celebrities just sort of hung out and acted fairly normal. Normal for Hollywood, that is. It’s all relative.

Jim Carrey Loves Karaoke
Last Friday night, Jim Carrey went to a bar on the Lower East Side of Manhattan and belted out some sweet tunes. Specifically, he sang Radiohead’s “Creep,” the Bee Gees’ “I Started a Joke,” and Smashing Pumpkins’ “Bullet With Butterfly Wings.” The verdict? Surprisingly good! No one has any idea why this happened. (via ABC News)

Kate Gosselin Is Worried About Money
Note to Kate: when you’re on the cover of People lamenting about how you have no job and don’t know how you’re going to support your eight children plus keep up with the maintenance on your hair extensions, it’s not the best time to start tooling around town in a new sports car. Yes, Gosselin is broke and scared, but not broke or scared enough not to buy herself a new Audi TT coupe, which lists for $38,300. Gosselin said she would “work her fingers to the bone” to provide for her family, but apparently that doesn’t include buying a car that all nine of them can ride in. (via WWTDD)

Justin Bieber Said Something Dumb
While making an appearance at last week’s Fashion’s Night Out, Bieber revealed that higher education is just not in the cards for him, especially since there was so much drama in high school. OK. So on one hand, Bieber is already a multimillionaire, and how much is reading Schopenhauer really going to improve on his ability to smolder at a camera? Make hay while the sun shines, little man. But on the other hand, college is at least a billion times better than high school, as any human on earth can tell you. (via

Colin Farrell Lost His Belt
Have you seen Colin Farrell’s belt? It’s his lucky belt, and it was a gift from his dad, who was a former professional footballer. It’s really old, has some extra holes and leather, smells like whiskey and sex, and Colin is really broken up about it. So if you see it, give him a call, please? There’s $25,000 in it for you. (via Starpulse)

Victoria Beckham Loves Her Accessories
While in New York for Fashion Week, Beckham stopped in at Prada with the ultimate accessory in hand—her two-month-old daughter Harper. No strollers or Baby Bjorns for this mother-of-four, Victoria cradled Harper while balancing on a pair of Louboutin stilts, putting both multi-tasking mothers and circus performers to shame. (via Daily Mail)

Photo source: Wikimedia Commons


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