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Ms. Informed: Farts, Thrusting, and Sleeping in a Dead Man’s Bed

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We read gossip mags so you don’t have to.

George Clooney Likes Farts
Distinguished silver fox George Clooney opened up to Us Weekly about how funny and entertaining he finds farts: “I have iFart on my phone. I have remote whoopee cushions. Farts. To me, there's nothing funnier.” Don’t you wish you were his girlfriend even more now?(via Us Weekly)

Kristen Stewart Is Talented at Thrusting
Kristen Stewart may have taken the sex scene in Breaking Dawn a bit too far with her thrusting—far enough to almost turn the movie R-Rated. Kristen’s thrusting would cause far too many twihards to have a vampgasm, so sadly the scene was removed. This news makes Kristen Stewart marginally more interesting than pants. (via Celebuzz)

Lindsay Lohan Poses as Classy and Nude Marilyn Monroe…Again
Hugh Hefner confirmed that LiLo’s Playboy shoot will be a “classy Marilyn Monroe-themed one.” Do you get the symbolism?! The dark foreshadowing?! Because, you know, Lindsey may be headed toward the fate of the late, great Monroe. So artsy, so deep! No one has ever made that connection before; no one has ever described a nude photo shoot in Playboy as “classy;” no one has ever used Marilyn Monroe as inspiration. Three cheers for originality and subtlety, Playboy. (via AnythingHollywood)

The Bed Michael Jackson Died in Is Up for Auction:
The bed that Michael Jackson didn’t wake up in is up for auction on December 17th—and just in time for the holidays! If you find your loved one doing the moon walk and grabbing his crotch in the middle of the night after sleeping in MJ’s bed, you’ll know why. (via TMZ)


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