Ms. Informed: The Next Octomom and More Celeb Sexcapades

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Hollywood is awfully hormonal these days. From odd hook-up locations to populating the world to weird pregnancy powers, celebs are taking “hump day” literally!

Anna Faris May Be the Next Octomom.
The What’s Your Number? star is soooo in love with her husband and costar Chris Pratt that she wants to have, like, eight kids with him. “We want to populate the world!” she told US Weekly. (via US Weekly)

And Speaking of Re-Population, Kim Kardashian Is Pregnant!
Actually, she’s probably not, but now that she’s a married woman, let the erroneous speculation begin! According to the always-factual-never-sensationalist OK!, an unnamed source says Kim’s period is late. Unnamed sources never lie so we think Kim K. is for sure knocked up. (via Ok!)

Beyonce Hates Her Husband’s Smell.
Confirmed bun-in-the-oven Beyonce announced that being preggers has heighted her sense of smell and she can no longer stand hubby Jay-Z’s stench. Luckily, she still loves the smell of her Pulse fragrance, so before bed every night she can douse him in Pulse and sleep happily. Don’t worry, Jay-Z, only nine months of this. (via Hello Beautiful)

Kendra Wilkinson Has More Sex than You.
And she’s not afraid to talk about it. The Dancing with the Stars contestant told Life & Style that she and her hubby Hank Baskett had sex in her show’s trailer every week before elimination. No wonder she has a glow about her. And that’s not the only place they get down…she also told the magazine that they’ve gotten frisky on a jet ski (ouch). Kendra likes her sex like she likes her green eggs and ham: in a house, on a boat, here, there, anywhere! (via Life & Style)

Spencer Pratt is Broke.
The only person in Hollywood probably not having sex or thinking about spreading his famous seed is Spencer Pratt. And that’s because he has no money. In fact, his agents (to whom he allegedly owes hundreds of thousands of dollars) won’t even call him back. Considering he met his fame-whoring soul mate on a reality show, we suspect she’s finding him way less attractive these days. (via Us Weekly)


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