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Ms. Informed: Slutty Celebrity Couples and Va-Jay-Jay Flashing

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We read gossip mags so you don’t have to.

Even Cameron Diaz Makes Booty Calls
According to UsWeekly, Cameron Diaz has been pursuing Diddy whenever she finds herself single since 2008. Diddy has been with model girlfriend for three years, but that apparently doesn’t preclude him from answering Cameron’s booty calls. (via UsWeekly)
Michelle Williams Pays Extra to Catch Up On Sleep
Michelle Williams took a private jet from New York to Detroit to film her latest movie Oz: The Great and Powerful and fell asleep while doing so. But when she realized that the plane would be landing soon, she paid her crew to circle for another hour and a half so she could catch up on sleep.Alittle high-maintenance, but we do love her pixie cut, so we’ll let this one slide. (via Page Six)
We’re Still Talking about Jen Aniston
Jennifer Aniston made Justin Theroux’s ex girlfriend, Heidi Biven, cry into a glass wine as they met to have a heart-to-heart. Aniston wanted to set the record straight that she’s no Angelina. She also wanted to make sure that she’d be in this week’s headlines for something other than her acting career.  Staging a middle-school-like girl meeting did the trick.(via Daily Mail)


Janice Dickinson Goes Commando in the Middle of H&M
Former supermodel Janice Dickinson decided the lines in H&M were far too long to wait, so she dropped trou in the middle of the store and tried on a pair of leggings sans underwear. We totally hate waiting for dressing rooms at H&M too, but potentially coming in contact with a pair of leggings that have touched Janice’s nether regions is enough to make us want to shop in a bio hazard suit from now on. (via Page Six)

Bradley Cooper Named Sexiest Man Alive
There’s no doubt that Bradley Cooper is extremely easy on the eyes, but why does that garner him a spot as People’s Sexiest Man Alive? The magazine claims it’s because he can make dinner and drives a motorcycle Okay. Sure. We’ll take it.  (via People)

We May Be Done Keeping Up with the Kardashians
An important grass-roots movement is gaining momentum. We’re not talking about the Occupy movement; we’re talking about the noble, bold petition to get the Kardashians off our TVs, perfumes, clothing labels, adult diapers, and everything else they’ve sponsored. We suspect even the voice of the people won’t be enough to keep momager Kris Jenner from whoring out her brood. (via The Hollywood Reporter)

Photo source: david_shankbone (cc)


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