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Ms. Informed: Tom Cruise Pays for Fans

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Alec Baldwin Gets Kicked off of a Plane
Alec Baldwin refused to turn his phone off during departure of his flight because of an intense game of Words with Friends on his iPhone. He threw a temper tantrum and was kicked off an American Airlines flight. Anyone who has ever flown before knows that along with fastening your seatbelt and making sure your chair is in its upright position, it is a necessity to win a game of Words with Friends before takeoff. (via Us Weekly

Kristen Wiig and “The Strokes” Drummer Fabrizio Moretti Get it On
Funny-girl Kristen Wiig was seen getting hot and heavy with drummer Fabrizio Moretti at a “Black Keys” album party this week. We’re really crossing our fingers that this is true: a shockingly hilarious women and a sexy, brooding drummer could make some awesome (and cute) babies.  (via Page Six)

Tom Cruise Paid Actors to Pretend to Be Fans
When Tom Cruise arrived in India , he was greeted by a plethora of diehard fans … or so we were made to believe. Apparently, the hired “fans” were really actors that were given $3 per person to hug Tom so he didn’t appear so pitiful, when in reality they have no idea who he is. One of the hired fans was quoted saying, “Tom Kaun? I don’t know who he is or what he does.” Although the source is questionable, we don’t care: We are now forever referring to Tom Cruise as Tom Kaun. (via The Superficial)

Kate Middleton Makes Us Believe She’s Pregnant by Acting Human
Kate Middleton held a clutch in front of her stomach. Clearly this is the universal symbol for “with child.” (via E!Online)


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