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Music is such a lovely sound,

always near and always around.

You hear it every single day,

a part of our lives in every way.

In the evening crickets rubbing their feet,

in the morning birds singing so sweet,

As the wind blows through the trees,

at home or office from computer keys.

From the tiny lips of babies who coo

or two lovers whispering, “I love you!”

So many sounds, such different beats,

adding to life’s extra special treats;

Heard at the opera and the ballet,

a symphony concert or a Broadway Play

Movies, TV, radio and who could forget

school and backyard plays with our own set.    

When at a dance or a special affair,

how happy we are that music is there.

Dancing, clapping, and singing lines,

giving to people such happy times,        

It cheers a heart, clears a mind

of any problems had at that time,

Loved by young and old as well,

don’t you agree music is swell?

And what a gloomy world this would be

without music giving pleasure to you and me.    


© 1985


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