My Fling with a Banana Boat!

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While in Grenada, off a Princess cruise, I decided that I would try my hand at riding a banana boat, towed behind a motor boat. Three office mates and I climbed aboard. What I didn’t see was the driver didn’t have a spotter (someone who would watch out for our welfare).

So there we were skimming across the Caribbean on our bright yellow banana, when he made a fairly sharp right turn. Much later, I vaguely remember something about not leaning into the turn, but at that moment, my memory failed me and I did a ten-point dive into the sea! The boat continued on, with my office friends screaming their heads off. The boat then went to shore, leaving me out in the drink, so to speak! He then realized he had three passengers, not four, and came out for me. This was a very large outboard boat, and he asked me to “throw” my leg over the side. I told him he must be kidding. My right leg wasn’t going to even reach the edge, much less all the way into that boat.

So he threw me a line over the side. And folks … he dragged me to shore like a tuna he just caught! I must be on about fifty home movies. It was a hilarious scene, and an experience I shall never forget. Why? Because as I boarded the tender to take us back to our ship, I counted five dorsal fins swimming into where I had just been floating, waiting to be picked up. That pretty much capped my day … and ended my thrill for banana boat rides!


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