My Sex and the City Tribute

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Men don’t understand. People who haven’t spent an hour with Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda, and Samantha don’t understand. This is my tribute to Sex and the City and why I love those girls.

1. They were the best big sisters I never had!

2. They remind me to treasure my girl friends, to recognize how lucky I am to have wonderful, successful women in my life, and that you can get through anything if you’ve got your girl friends.

3. They live the life, wear the shoes, and attend the parties that I can only dream about.

4. You know when you think you’ve done the worst or most embarrassing thing ever? And you have that friend who says, “You think that’s bad? Listen to what I did …” That’s what they do for me.

5. They make it okay to not be married with children at the age of twenty-five.

6. They make it okay to not be married with children at the age thirty-five!

7. They make it okay, and important, to be a successful, strong, career woman.

8. They say the things about men that I think in my head.

9. Been through a tragedy? A struggle? They have, too, wearing sexy and expensive shoes along the way.

10. Well … I did learn a lot about sex and New York City.

11. It’s so much fun deciding, “Which one are you?” with your girl friends.

12. They are far from perfect, but they never judge each other or others.

13. Carrie makes me feel normal that someone else besides me is over-analyzing her life.

14. They showcase all different body types of women; and they’re all beautiful.

15. Um, the men? Aiden. Smith. The New Yankee. Enough said.

16. They reach deep down inside my heart to that little place that is rarely shown or spoken of, and validate my deepest fears and insecurities.

17. Equality of the Sexes: they showed as much of the nude men as they did of the T&A.

18. They taught us the importance of having a gay male friend.

19. They taught us the importance of nicknames for the boys in your life: Berger, Mr. Big, The New Yankee, The Dirty Talker, The In-Between Guy. My girl friends and I were inspired to come up with our own along the way: Silent Bob, The Space-Filler Guy, The Hot Boy, The Marine, The Pot Head. See how it works?

So in conclusion: men don’t understand, and we don’t need them to.



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