My Trip to London

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After a particularly hectic, stressful and hard eighteen months I decided it was time for a well earned break.

Now, when you are thirty-one and single you can find it quite difficult getting away. Most of my friends are in relationships and a lot of them have kids so they cannot just drop everything and come away.

So, I decided to just go for it and go away on my own! I posted an update on Facebook declaring my decision and that I was going to go to London!

I wanted to go back to London for a few years as I really love the place and a lot of my family originates from there.

I then got a message from my friend who had moved down to the South coast asking if she could come too.

At first as terrible as this sounds, I was a little put out by this as I had it in my head that I was going on my own. I thought if over then came up with a plan, meet my friend and stay for one night with her then stay another on my own. So that was that. Tickets bought, hotels booked and off I went!

After a two-hour train trip I arrived at King’s cross. King’s cross, as with a lot of stations is having a makeover ready for the Olympics so everything had moved since I was there last. I finally found the ticket machine and then queued for a while, slightly giddy with excitement about my trip.

I had arranged to meet my friend at Euston as this is where we were staying, so we found the hotel, checked in and then hopped back on the tube to go to Harrods. I have been here before but my friend had not and she was rather amazed by it all. By his time, and after going through the food court we were starving so got on the tube to China town. We had the most yummiest meal in China town after browsing many of the restaurants round there!

We then hopped back on the tube and went to Camden where we had a wander and a drink along the lock.

The next day we went to London zoo and the sun very kindly shined hotly and brightly all day!

Then, it was time for my friend to go home and for me to start my solo adventure so I waved her goodbye then checked into hotel number two which was a nice pleasant surprise as it was a lot more modern and excellent value. I had done my trip on a shoestring budget so I wasn’t expecting a great deal.

I laid on the bed and suddenly had a slight feeling of apprehension as I realized I was on my own.

I planned to go to the British museum and then on to Hamley’s to get a gift for the new niece.

The British museum was amazing! It is so vast it can appear to be a bit daunting but as I was on my own I could take my time and go at my own pace.

Hamley’s on the other hand wasn’t so much fun! Its not the old fashioned toyshop it used to be and I found Oxford Street to be very daunting and did not enjoy it one bit so I headed over to Leicester square and watched a film in a really lovely little cinema!

I came out to a full on film premier going on which was quite surreal!

By this time it was getting late so it was time to head back over to Kings cross and catch the last train home.

I really enjoyed my stay and I would definitely do it again but this time stay for three nights in the second hotel as it cost a bit leave my luggage at the station while I went sightseeing.

A lot of people thought I was mad going to London on my own but I am happy with my own company and I enjoyed begin able to do what I wanted.

I am planning to go back at the end of November for a spot of shopping!


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