A Natural Kind of Love

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If you like someone,

the feelings should come naturally.

If the person feels the same way,

then you should have a natural beginning,

or ending, which ever comes first.

This could be a good friendship,

or something more.

But if the feelings are not the same …

Someone is getting hurt.

You can’t make someone like you.

You may be just fulfilling a void of,

loneliness in them that they are not willing to,

share with you.

You do things to make them feel special;

they think you are being just a good friend,

secretly they know they are using you.

You do everything to change their mind,

even lose your dignity,

and self pride.

One control versus the other,

one who gives the love and the other to push it away.

Guess who has the upper hand,

it’s surely not you.

The more they reject you,

the more you press on;

you hold strong,

because you just know

that one day, they will come around.

They put you down,

and tell you how stupid you are;

you tell yourself that it’s the pain talking,

it couldn’t possibly be them.

Because deep down inside,

they know that they belong to you.

They tell you over and over, that you two will never be;

but in your mind you caress the many thoughtful,

days you spent together; walking down the beach,

and talking on the phone till you both fell asleep.

You forget that you were the only one talking,

he fell asleep two hours ago.

You even remember the countless times that you

made love.

You hear what you want to hear,

and hold on to the fact that you two are meant to be.

Is this a natural kind of love,

or is it just me?


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