Navel-Gazing: We’re, Like, Really Pretty

Some of you may have read about the terrible burden born by our soul sister, Samantha Brick. In a now-viral post for the Daily Mail, Samantha disclosed the many ways in which her prettiness has resulted in a life of hardship. Life as she knows it is a never-ending barrage of complimentary champagne, train tickets, and flowers from anonymous men, and scowls and sabotage from jealous, insecure (and less pretty) women. We’re here to say, we know the feeling. Being pretty is really hard. You likely don’t know this because we don’t like to brag, but the editorial team here at DivineCaroline is exceedingly good looking. It’s not something we asked for, but each of us is a specimen to behold—a paragon of anatomical perfection—and like Samantha, we suffer the consequences. Just this morning several of us were late to work because our prettiness incited a harrowing sidewalk riot, during which we were bombarded with so many compliments that we fear we may have suffered ear damage. It’s hard being us. But we don’t want your pity; we just want to unshackle ourselves from the burden. In an effort to free ourselves, we’ve decided to take a cue from Samantha and air some of our grievances. Click on to learn all the ways that being beautiful makes us suffer.
  • Renae

    Renae: Because of my extreme prettiness, men always open the door for me, and as a result my upper body strength is withering away. I’m like a feather. I can barely lift my fork to eat—I’ll probably starve.

  • Amy

    Amy: Diamonds. So many diamonds! The guilt over the African children who have suffered for my bejeweled hands is crippling.

  • Allison

    Allison: I started volunteering with a charity, and when I collected donations, I made so much money that we actually solved the problem that the charity was battling! Now the charity’s fifty full-time employees are out of a job. Ugh, it sucks to be me!

  • Renae

    Renae: I am still exhausted from all the proms and homecomings I went to in high school. I might never recuperate.

  • Amy

    Amy: It’s amazing my eyes have not burned up from all the flash photography. Not to mention, that my soul is gone. Gone!

  • Lamar

    Lamar: I’m so pretty that every morning when I get my coffee at Starbucks, people line up out the door just to get a glimpse of me.

  • Renae

    Renae: Men are constantly volunteering to pay my bills, so I rarely have to pay for anything. Because of this, I have amassed great wealth and have inadvertently joined the 1 percent; now poor people hate me.

  • Amy

    Amy: Men are constantly buying me drinks. I’m just drunk all the time.

  • Renae

    Renae: They had to give me my own office at work to ensure that my coworkers couldn’t see my distractingly beautiful face. Otherwise nobody would get work done and the company would go bankrupt. Not to mention the workplace riots that would ensue. But the privacy is suffocating.

  • Amy

    Amy: I need to register for Valentine’s Day gifts every year. Do you even know how many heart-shaped pendants are cluttering my jewelry box?! Related Stories: "Is Samantha Brick in on the Joke?": "I’m Single Because: Tweeters Share Their Reasons":—i-m-single-because-tweeters-share#0 "Navel-Gazing: Why Are Mermaids Sexy?":


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