New Book Helps Kids Clean Up

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Clutter Cut, Inc. by Lester Lex is a children's picture book that encourages kids to clean up and clear out their unused toys and donate them to those in need. In this rhyming story, Cloot’s mountain of toys is soon brought under control when he donates some of them to the local children’s hospital and then decides to start Clutter Cut, Inc. so others can get involved too.

Gullermo Piloto created the illustrations for this zany yet helpful book. Piloto was born 1987 in Havana, Cuba and is the youngest of three siblings. At the age of nine, he moved with his family to live in Venezuela for five years. In 2000, he moved to the United States. He studied art all through high school and later went on to get his Bachelors degree at the Art Institute of Miami. He currently works as a graphic designer and illustrator for a toy design company. I talked to Piloto about his art and Clutter Cut, Inc.

CM: How did your interest in drawing and illustrating begin?

GP: From a very young age, I could always be seen with a box of crayons and paper. I would sit every morning in front of the television waiting for the cartoons, so I could draw them. As time went on, this habit developed into a passion.

CM: When did you decide to illustrate for the children’s book market?

GP: I always wanted to illustrate books ever since I discovered that grown-ups can draw pictures and call it a job. To me that’s just amazing.

CM: How is illustrating a children’ book different from other projects you work on?

GP: I think illustrating a story is a completely different experience from any type of project. By having a story you really breathe life and develop characters and come to know them as if they are real. To me illustrating is as close as an artist can get to be a parent. Yes! Clutter Cut, my first son. Lol. Let me tell you—even though it is extremely fun to see the story come to life it's also a lot of work.

CM: How did you end up working on Clutter Cut, Inc.?

GP: That’s a funny and weird story. One day I got a call from Rebeca Gilling to discuss a project she was working on. It turns out that their illustrator had sustained a hand injury making him unable to continue. So due to that unfortunate, (yet lucky event for me) I had the opportunity to come on board.

CM: Do you have a favorite illustration from the book?

GP: That’s simple they all are! This is hard, like having to choose which of your children is your favorite. I would say it has got to be the scene where Cloot is having a tough time choosing which toys to give away and all the toys have sad faces. Not only because I got to do a close up of Cloot but also because it really shows part of his personality which to me makes him more real.

CM: What is up next for you?

Hopefully, more books to illustrate to make The Clewer series the next big thing.

CM: Do you have anything else to add?

GP: Yes. To all the kids out there, keep drawing and never let your imagination die, as that is your greatest asset.


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