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The Night of Love

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The dark clouds gather, obscuring the light
the dawn is leaving, and in comes the night
I walk amongst the stars, feeling my way as I go
alone in the night, will it always be so?

My heart has been broken, now on the mend
asking for one above, to send to me a friend
someone to listen, but more than that to hear
to see the wind blow, to feel my heart near

I long for one, I do not know when or where
I only know that in my heart, I know he is there
I dream of him at night, as I try to lay my head
I dream of him in the morning, as I leave my bed

I hold him close to my heart, even though I am alone
I feel him touch my hand, my hair, and then I cry and moan
I feel him kiss my lips, more tender, than most
in his gaze, I feel myself getting, lost

his passion rises, and takes me along
like a sweet siren , that sings us her song
I am powerless to look away , his eyes in my view
I can feel my heart pounding, my spirit anew

his voice is like magic, weaving its web deep
hypnotizing my feet, my arms he can keep
I bring myself to him , as if I am a gift
the night it is silent, with nary a rift

the peace it envelops us, like a silky sheet
the warmth of our bodies, like fire when they meet
we have waited for this day, a prayer came true
you are looking at me, and I am looking at you

here we are together, passions ablaze in our hearts
the sweet surrender to each other, fledgling love to start
we lay in the dark, making each other to home
we cast our legs inside one another, no more to roam

we have found the one we seek, although it took a while
can you see my love, my darling, look into my smile
stay with me and love me, let me be the one
to take you to the sunshine, where we will feel the sun

it will warm and keep us, make us feel complete
as if this moment had to come, god it feels so sweet
hold me tight and feel my breath , forever on your cheek
I am the one and you are the one, that we need no longer seek

Signed Kimmee


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