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from DEEP BREATHS, by Leo Shelton

I want to believe…

That there’s no place special

That I haven’t been

And that there’s no time worth having

No breath worth breathing

That doesn’t contain your DNA



I want to hope…

Those days without me

And days without you

Don’t turn pages of the calendar

Don’t become moments

Or seconds,

Or minutes

Or complete days….



I want to wish

For a complete replay of time

When birds and chirps

Echo in time

And ecstasy highs

Remain sublime

Even after you’ve walked away



I want to know

That waking up

Looking up

Reaching up

And falling asleep

Is all a part of the day?

And the way

That we love



But what I believed

And hoped,

And wished,

And the essence of what I knew,

Has passed like the season

With convoluted reasons

Into what is

And IS not

Your way…

Not for me

Not for another



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