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Not Your Usual Chick Flicks

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I must confess to having a special place in my heart and hidden behind the bookshelf for a small selection of “chick flick” type movies. The Notebook, Steel Magnolias, and How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days are just a few of the movies almost every girl hates to love and guys love to hate. There are however a few cinematic gems of the female comedy variety that even guys will happily admit to liking and gasp, enjoy watching.

The recently released Bridesmaids is one such movie that is the female answer to hit The Hangover, featuring sharp wit, grotesque screens with unmentionable bodily functions, and of course the always favorite “single girl vs. the married girl” showdown. Kristen Wiig of Saturday Night Live fame, co-wrote and stars in this chick flick, rom-com gone bad. Also co-starring SNL alum Maya Rudolph and a handful of other comedically gifted ladies, the movie plays out in a series of perfectly timed sketches and makes for one of the year’s most hilarious movies, chick flick or not. In honor of these funny ladies I’ve picked out a few of the best female comedies to have delighted us over the years.

Mean Girls
This is perhaps the most recognizable of the female comedy group, written and starring another SNL alum and the current queen of comedy, Tina Fey. Mean Girls resonated with audiences everywhere because of its brutal honesty of American high school told in over-the-top comedic style. Every school has the cliché group of rich kids, nerds, and those struggling to fit in. It made us laugh at situations similar to our own experiences and find humor in the past that maybe wasn’t so funny at the time.

Knocked Up
After a long drought in the female comedy genre, Knocked Up burst onto the scene with its unusual take on a one-night stand. I remember watching this movie in the theater with my brother and I knew when we both couldn’t stop laughing that this was comedic gold. Katherine Heigl and Seth Rogen’s awkward comedy about the consequences of youth and the painful reality of what it means to become an adult in our society today. The always funny Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann make for a humorous married couple that director Judd Apatow uses as an example of what the future might hold for the two fledging main characters. 

Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion

There is little in the comedic realm that Lisa Kudrow can’t do and this movie is just one example. With her partner in crime, Mira Sorvino, these two ladies lie their way through their high school reunion to make up for what is really missing in their lives. Portraying the stereotypical blonde types with a love for all things materialistic, these two women entertain us with their often absurd attempts to backpedal their way through their fictional lives.

Baby Mama
Though Tina Fey has already been mentioned on the list, you can’t talk about female comedies without including Baby Mama. The chemistry between Fey and Amy Poehler translates from their hilarious sketches on SNL, straight to the silver screen in this classic twist of opposites drawn together to make a baby. Fey as the wealthy, single woman yearning to be a mother and Poehler as the outrageously bad surrogate, and how their lives intersect in the most ridiculous way. 

Sixteen Candles
Maybe for some, female comedy doesn’t quite sum up the entirety of this brilliant 80’s movie, but it certainly does for me. It was the accumulation of everything I went through in high school along with countless other sixteen-year-old girls. The offensive younger brother, insecurity about our changing teenage bodies and all the strange characters you encounter along the way. There might not have been much of a comedic performance coming from Molly Ringwald’s main character as Sam, but the combination of her awkward and absent-minded family on her sixteen birthday to the geeky guy in school, made for one female comedy on everybody’s list.


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