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The Nudie Bar

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We timed our trip to Arizona so that we could see my Aunt Berta and Uncle Charles who would be in Scottsdale at the same time we would be in Phoenix. We were also visiting Alex’s Mom and her husband at the same time. We spent the day with my Aunt and Uncle at their hotel and decided to get Alex’s mom Nellie and her husband Robert (the Snake) to meet us for dinner.

My Aunt and Uncle really love Alex, my husband, and were delighted to meet Alex’s family too. Nellie is a wonderful woman and I adore her. She’s smart and funny, and like most Navajo, she has a great ribald sense of humor! Her husband Robert (from the Mojave Tribe) is a lot more conservative, more like Alex. He is somewhat shy and in spite of being a performer (a singer, closely akin to a medicine man), he tends to listen more than he talks.

Berta and Charles live in Oklahoma City and they were both in their seventies about this time. Charles passed away not too long after we saw them in Phoenix, but Berta is still going strong at eighty-seven. They love dancing and really wanted to find a place that had country western music after dinner. Alex and I thought that was a great idea so we all piled in a car and started looking for a place to go.

We saw a sign that said “Live Music” “Dancing” and something else but the sign was not lighted so we didn’t know what except music this club had to offer. We parked and walked in. There was indeed live music, but it wasn’t really country western music, more hoochie-coochie music. Not wanting us to look stupid, or like missionaries who wandered into the wrong camp, I walked directly ahead and asked for a table for six. About this time, I noticed the young topless woman on a stage gyrating away. My party followed slowly behind me.

We sat there and looked at each other, almost afraid to look anywhere else. Nellie, Berta and I snickered and giggled and whispered. My Uncle Charles commented to us that we (the women at our table) were better looking and better built than the woman on the stage! Robert and Alex looked like they wanted the floor to open up and suck them in. They were mortified that we were in such a place. A young woman in a skimpy bikini came over and walked up to Robert. She asked him if he wanted a “lap dance.” Robert took a sip of his coke, choked, gasped, and said “Oh, no, thank you, Miss.” He was terrified! Nellie and Berta and I nearly fell on the floor with laughter!

We had one drink and left. I was sure that if they boys had been by themselves, they would have had a better time. My Aunt, my Mother-in-Law, and I thoroughly enjoyed our visit to the nudie bar! We still laugh about it to this day!


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