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Oh-Em-Gee, Check Out Some of My Favorites

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A few selections from my own bookmark collection.

1. xkcd
Possibly the best thing going on the Web, especially now that PostSecret has gotten kind of overblown and redundant. For geeks, romantics, and perverts of all kinds. A few personal highlights: Nihilism, Quirky Girls, Dreams, and Five Thirty (among many, many others).

2. Oxfam Unwrapped
It may be getting a little late for holiday giving, but it’s good for year-round occasions. And it’s easy to find something appropriate, whether the honoree is a coffee addict, a teacher, an animal lover, etc.

3. The Efficacy of Threats and Pecuniary Competition
Best part? It’s written by a clearly-far-from-empty-headed straight dude, and it’s nonfiction.

4. Pandora
I won’t even make the obligatory “box” joke. Like a puppy, it takes a while to train, but will bring endless hours of joy (hehe …).

5. Why Strong Female Characters Are Bad for Women
One of the greatest things about this great piece? This comment, whose author so completely missed the point:

Stupid feminists. on Mon, 1st Sep 2008 9:47 pm
Wow. All I’m going to say is that if you have a problem with females being hot, then you have some SERIOUS insecurity issues. I am so tired of feminists whining and complaining that there are girls who are hot and enjoy showing themselves off. I am a girl myself. Some females actually enjoy it. Get over it already. Just because these women are making you look bad doesn’t mean you need to bitch and moan about it.

6. The Very Secret Diaries of the Fellowship
An absolute classic, for a reason. Enjoy.


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