Once And For All: Prologue

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Independently wealthy and drawn together by a dream, were Richard Sharp and William Macy. They were equally talented, evenly stunning, yet noticeably different. Both possessed an elite educational background and were ranked among their peers. Combining both their talent and inheritance; they set out create a company like no other had ever seen.

Each in their field of expertise; they were going to take the world by storm. Time would prove the combining of these two men to be an excellent business choice. They were now headed straight for the top and nothing could stand in their way.

Until one day a secret is revealed; a secret that rocked the very foundation both of them had been standing on. It was only a matter of time before the test of wills would separate their future aspirations.

When once they were childhood friends, college roommates, and business partners, they were now archenemies to the very end. 

Their daughters however; were inseparable at the expense of their parents. Neither allowing the feud to hurt their relationship; they were determined to succeed where their predecessors had failed.

Also becoming childhood friends and college roommates, these two ladies would soon find out that life wasn’t always fair. Lies and deception truly had a way of rearing its ugly head; in this case it was inevitable.

Just when it seemed everything was perfect, the unthinkable happens. After twenty long years of a silent treaty that had been secretly enforced; both families are reunited in one way or another when the all powerful and most brutal of the two men passes away.

The past comes to light and the web of lies begins to spin again. To avoid the truth, every one of them has to lie. But which lie is bigger and whose secret is the most damaging? And what is to become of the innocent parties involved, if there are any? 

Unbeknownst to these two ladies, there are a few more players on the field. Behind the scene’s rages another battle; where others are forced to participate in the race against time to clean up the mess created more than twenty years before.

“What you reap is what you sow.” If this were true then the same could be said for, “Oh the tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive.”

Hearts soar in the powerful story of two families joined together out of love; inevitably destroyed by hate.


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