Once There Was a Good Mother

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A mother who always thinks of her children
She forgot herself and gave everything to them
She has debilitating disease but doesn’t stop dreaming
A single mother who always wishes for good future.
Her children grew up and have their own careers
The mother was too proud in reaching the stars
Her accomplishment in life is unbelievable
This is a remarkable achievement of being disable.
Now that her children have their own life
She felt lonely, neglected, and unattended
She began looking and longing for something
The love of her children she’s been missing

She began asking herself if she did the right thing
Giving all her life and time to her children
She’s looking for the reward of her sacrifices
And wants the love she gave to be given back.
The good mother decided to change her life
To spend for herself and have some fun
A friend invited her to casino to play slots
Where she was hooked and totally trapped.

Her winning of few bucks made her laugh
The sounds of the slots made her excite
This completely changed her life
She found happiness in the other side of life.
All her paychecks went to slots
And found herself in debt up to her neck
Her children were truly upset
Losing their love and respect.
The mother once more was in a dilemma
She has to think hard and analyze
The situation was tough and she had to decide
While there was still chance and not too late.
She went to support group and asked for help
Where she was advised and fully guided
Now she realized it was totally a mistake
What she did and is ready to be recovered.
Now she realized her mistakes
Expectations lead to disappointment
And she’s back to be a good mother
And also a good grandmother.
For those children who don’t care
Please allocate small time for your mother
A precious moment to spend with them
Means happiness and glory to them.


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