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I’ve been hesitant to post this little story for fear of everyone (okay, the five of you who actually read this) thinking I’m a horrible person. But then I realized, the five of you who I know read this already know I’m a horrible person.

So, here goes …

Ricky and I were on our way to a party the other day and as we were cruisin’ along a car pulled out in front of us. Now if that car had waited a few seconds we would have passed and they could have gotten into the lane behind us, but nooo they had to be in front of us, so they pulled in front with not much room and then proceeded to drive really slowly.

I’m not big on confrontation, but I’m all about talking smack to someone’s car, so as Ricky starts slowing down in order to not hit the car in front of us I start mouthing off. “Oh really, asshole? Where are you going in such a big effing hurry? What the fuck? You can’t be that important since you’re driving such a piece of shit!”

You know, your usual mouthing off.

As I continue my swear-filled rant, Ricky changes lanes and begins to pass the car. We both look over to see what kind of ass is driving this car. And?

It’s a nun.

Yep, I cursed a nun.

I immediately felt bad and started apologizing to Ricky and God and the universe as a whole, but then I realized if it hadn’t been a nun driving that car I would not have felt bad at all!

So am I a bad person for cursing a nun or am I a worse person for only feeling bad about it because she has a direct line to God?


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