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Organic Shampoo?

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In my first months of being a mom, I was determined to provide the best for my new baby. And the best included homemade baby food. Yes, indeed, in my own little garden on the foothills of Clark’s Mountain, I grew not only adult food, but food that was blended into baby food….what better for that baby than homegrown, blended spinach and carrots, both of which he loved.

I was just on the brink of being a flower-child…the phase was "phading" out along with the communal living, open sex, and "give peace a chance." I was too young and it was "far-out" by the time I reached legal age to do anything with it….So I had to do my own organic living in those early days and had since grown away from it.

Two days ago, my live-naturally side of me came screaming out of my head with "well, go ahead just do it!" I am sure you have run across ideas in newspapers or magazines that you have some interest in and find yourself muttering quietly…one day, I am going to try that. Well, that day arrived on Tuesday.

Okay, so while this idea is not earth shattering or even habit forming…I just had to see if there was a difference. I believe that we are being poisoned somewhat by the many chemicals & preservatives we use in our daily products, so I am always on the look out for some "natural" solutions. You know, like a bar of soap under the bed sheets. That story is for another day. Tuesday’s episode involved a rotten banana, some honey, and my curly hair (All you beauticians out there! Hang on to this one!)

An article in the newspaper several weeks ago gave natural ingredient recipes for improving feminine beauty. I remember that the combination of honey and banana would somehow improve your hair…make it curly? Shiny? Straight? Intensify color? That part I don’t remember. Actually, I lost the article and just had to guess at what I was doing.

So, the other day when I was cleaning out my everlasting bowl of fresh fruit, a banana had presented itself as not so everlasting. You know the black, mushy sort. And at the moment I was going to throw it on my rose bush (the potassium is good for roses), I thought: Hey, I got some honey, too! Honey and banana, I’ll put it on my hair because I was just getting ready to take a shower. Well I couldn’t recall the recipe at all, so I quickly peeled the banana and mashed it even more. After pouring on some honey (who knows how much), I stirred it all into a smooth thick paste. Well at least it tasted pretty good!

In the shower I couldn’t wait to get this organic mixture on the top of my head. Okay, do I wash my hair first or after the paste or not at all? I didn’t know, but no matter how many times you wash your hair it couldn’t hurt you or could it?  My hair is very coarse and very dry and very naturally curly, so I loved the thought of perhaps this mysterious mixture of sweetened banana would make my hair silky and straight.

Do you know how hard it is to get tiny black pieces of banana out of a head of hair, especially a thick mop like mine? It’s a good thing I was home alone when I did this little experiment. One might have mistaken the sheer laughter and gagging coming from my shower as that of a crazed woman. Dumping the mixture on top of my head I began to work the slimy mess through my hair. I shrieked when a glob fell on my foot with a plop. The now-black color and chunky texture gagged me. Continuing to work in the stuff, I could almost hear it sucking the moisture out of my hair. Ugh! Maybe straight silky hair is not what I want…

About half way through the ordeal, it finally dawned on me that this was not such a good idea. Getting the stuff through my hair and rinsed out proved to be quite a dilemma. It took lots of scrubbing and lots of rinsing. When I finished my shower and looked at the shower I was horrified. Little black specks were splattered all over. It appeared that my mint green shower curtain had a new black speckled print. The other sides of the showered were also splattered with goo. And if that wasn’t bad enough, when I looked down at my feet, I was standing in three inches of water; the drain had become clogged. In the water floated the black sections of the banana-honey paste that hadn’t stuck to the walls. Mixed in with the chunks of paste was, of course, hair! Again it reminded me of vomit…and the gagging started again. I am not sure if, at this point, I was laughing or crying! I did wash my hair with shampoo before getting out.

After clearing the drain, stepping out of the shower and toweling off, I thought I was done, except of course to scrub down my bathroom. As I stood in front of the mirror, I began to move a comb through my hair. What were those tiny black specks appearing on the mirror every time I moved my comb? As I took a closer look, there in the sink, on the mirror, on my comb, on the walls, even the switch plate….everywhere within arms length where tiny, tiny black dots! So more washing and more combing until the black dots appeared no more. My ten-minute shower routine had lengthened into a full sixty minutes…and I still had to clean the bathroom!

Surprisingly, in the end, I had sheen on my curls like no other….and the curls were nicely defined and bouncy! It may be some time before I try something like this again. At least here in the Midwest in the winter I don’t have to worry of attacks from bees and monkeys with my fine banana-honey hair!



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