Our Magic Christmas Tree

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Our Magic Christmas Tree

On our last Christmas on Staten Island, NY where we were born and raised my sister and I lived in a small modest apartment. She had just graduated high school and I was her kinship foster parent. We didn’t have much money, but as soon as I got paid right before Christmas we went out to get a live Christmas tree. There wasn’t many to choose from but we found one we liked and a nice young man wrapped it up and tied it to the roof of our car.

Once we got it home and put it in the stand, the branches didn’t want to lay down much. So we figured we would give it a few days to relax its branches before we would decorate. A couple nights later as we lay sleeping, we were startled awake by loud popping sounds coming from the living room. Almost sounded like someone shooting off firecrackers, a bb gun, or something. We got out of bed but didn’t see anything, the sound was rather random. So we waited and sure enough there was the sound again and it was coming from the corner near the tree. At first I thought maybe it was an electric outlet so we moved the tree and the outlet was fine. Then the sound came again this time from within the tree! Upon a closer inspection, it turned out there were pine cones still attached to the tree branches and they were popping open like magic! Apparently the warmth of the apartment and the water we gave it in the stand must have done the trick. They started dripping sap that made the whole apartment smell
like a sweet pine forest, it was amazing!

We didn’t have much money, so our gifts were mostly handmade, but the best gift of all was the pine cones on the Christmas tree that also made the house smell amazing. We saved the pine cones after the holidays were done and used them in other craft projects.

Even today whenever I think of the magic of that Christmas tree I can still hear the popping sound of the pine cones and smell of the sweet pine aroma they shared with us that very magical Christmas.


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