Our Small House

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I was a small house,
I sat by the sea.
No one ever asked for me.

When the sun was out,
My owners would come and stay.
But when the leaves would fall,
They would go away.

Each year I would wait,
I had hopes that they would see,
What a fabulous year round home, 
This Rocky Point bungalow could be.

As time went on,
I saw my owners less.
Their winter home had finally won.
I started to look like a mess.

My shingles began to sag,
I was sure my end was near.
I would hear the other homes giggle,
I would just stand there and tear.

The one day I heard some voices!
Yes, I heard them loud and clear.
I heard, “Tom, I could have a garden,”

“Jenn, I could make music here.”

I couldn’t believe it!
My time had come.
They would stay all year,
Not only in the sun.

Jenn came with her cleaning products,
Tom came with his tools,
I heard the other houses snicker,
Ha, those two must be fools.

But Jenn said, “I can’t believe it.”
Tom said, “Our time has come.”
We will live here all year long.

We can’t wait to get Beech studio done!

I heard someone drive by,
They said, that house is nice!
I heard the house next store mumble,

Last summer people didn’t look twice.

So here I proudly stand,
A house by the sea.
I am so grateful,
Jenn and Tom asked for me.


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