A Parent

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Did you laugh when I did not look?
Day I was born did you wish otherwise?
Do you care if I am saint or sinner?
Don’t remember a bedtime story book
Did you worry when I got thinner?
Day you sent me away did you hear strangled cries?
Do you feel any better being off the hook?
Do you even think if I am a loser or winner?
Did you ever try to imagine the color of my eyes?
Do you know that you are a childhood crook?
Days go by and still we share no table or dinner
Did you care about the part of me that dies?
Did you know that worlds can be shook?
Days of trying to fix it and still I am a beginner
Do you hope for me to fly in the skies?

He talks about you, when your not around
Gives you what you need and almost everything you want
Still your horrible
How could one person hurt someone else and not notice, not care
I know it was rough but that was nothing it was odd but normally strange
He more than tried
You couldn’t even do that


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