Paris, Never Again

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My husband and I decided to take a tour through England, and then go and visit Switzerland, where my brother-in-law lived with his wife. We arranged and booked a bus through the Lake District, Wales, Scotland, and around London. It was a wonderful trip. A full English breakfast and dinner was served daily at each hotel and the Bus driver was very informative, letting us know all the best places to go in each town …

Then we took the train and ferry across to Paris. We had a few hours in Paris before our connection to Zurich, Switzerland. We thought we could walk around near the station, since neither of us had been to Paris before we were looking forward to the short adventure while waiting a few hours for our train to leave.

Well, when we got off in Paris the French conductor looked at my husband’s passport, and nodded everything was in order. My husband had a Jamaican passport and an American Passport. He showed his American passport. I was not an American citizen at the time, so I showed my Jamaican passport. He told us, we figured out, with his French and a dictionary that I was not allowed to stay, but I was to go back to London. He said my husband could go. So, of course my husband said “No way.” Apparently Jamaicans need a visa to go to Paris, and I did not have one. My husband (with the aid of hands and a dictionary, told the conductor, inspector, or whoever he was that we were on our way to Switzerland and had no intention of staying in France. He left and came back to us … My husband gave him some money and he told us we could wait until the train came to take us to Switzerland!

We did walk around. Stopped by a coffee shop, and I had the stalest, hard croissant I have ever tasted. Then I went to the bathroom and was appalled by the dirty, stinking, stand up toilet.

We were so glad to reach beautiful, clean SWITZERLAND! … Now that is a place I would return.

I noticed that while I was a travel agent, people who visited PARIS either loved it or hated it. There was never any in between feeling about it! I don’t like Paris.



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