Paris, Part 1

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This story contains mature or graphic content.

Deb could not sleep, it was 2 a.m. Paris times but between having slept almost the entire flight and jet lag, she was lying in her hotel bed staring at the ceiling and reminding herself that the tour would start in six hours. She so wanted to finally see the Eiffel tower and the artist section of the Paris east bank. But just could not sleep! A breeze flowed through the curtains and she thought perhaps a brief glimpse off the balcony would be nice.

The night felt cool but not too bad and she decided that her sleeping shorts and the tee shirt would be enough. Paris was beautiful at night, the lights seemed like earths bound stars and in the distance she could just make out the lighted silhouette of the tower. But then some movement on a balcony across the street caught her eye. It was a couple, their nude bodies shined a bluish light in the paleness of the moon.

The woman bent at the waist and holding to the railing of the balcony while the man was behind her. His hips moving front and back, driving his muscle in between the cheeks of her ass. Slowly and with a rhythm to please both of them and prolong their shared pleasures. Deb could see them clearly, the woman’s face showing that her lover was hitting at just the right angle to bring her to the point of ecstasy. But not too fast, the night was still young and timing was the key.

Deb became so engrossed in the sight, she almost missed the sensation of the cool brass ball rubbing in and out between her legs of her sleeping shorts riding a top it while she join in the movement of the couple. The railing of her own balcony was a series of high and low ball toped rails and the one she stood in front of was just the right height to fit with in the space between her legs at the meeting of them.

She glanced down and saw the ball, its surface seemed to rub just about right against her clit but the barrier of cloth was in the way. She quickly looked about, the only people she saw were the couple and they were too captured to notice her. She slides her sleeping shorts down allowing the ball to touch her skin.

She started moving again, slowly at first but as the ball seemed to warm and her own body react. Her rocking motion increased, the growing desire being brought to the surface. Then suddenly she felt the arms of another wrap about her and pulls her close. She turned her head to see the form of a man standing just behind her. His arms wrapped around her waist, “Where do you come from?” She said with alarm.

“From across the street and three balconies up from the couple,” the stranger said.

Deb stood still so surprised that she did not move to remove his arms or even pull up her shorts. He had also slid down his pants and his naked body rested against her bare bottom. The warmth of skin on skin felt quite well and she felt more surprised then really alarmed at his presents.

“I did not see you!” She protested, “No but I saw you, watching the couple” He said matter of fact.

“Why are you here?”

“A beautiful woman should never be left to please herself! What kind of gentleman should I be to allow?

That to happen?”

“Ahh OH!” Deb replied not being able to think quite right in such a situation and this intrigue was adding to her already excited mood not detracting from it.

Suddenly the stranger stood back, he looked into Deb’s face trying to read her expression.

“Perhaps I have been too forward, I will go!” he lifted his pant from his lower legs and turned to go.

But her hand came to rest upon his arm and halted him before he could reach the balcony door.

They stood looking into each other’s eyes, exchanging thoughts with out a word being passed.

Deb’s other hand then rested upon his other arm and both hands slid down to his own. She gave a gentle pull and the both walked back toward the railing.

She looked back across the street to the couple, they were still in the dance not yet reaching the moment of the rush. Then looking into the stranger’s eyes, she gently pulled downward on his hands to guild him to kneel down in front of her. She then turned back to the railing and bend over to expose herself to him.

Saying, “I need to catch up, their are ahead of me now!”.

He took the cue and leaned forward so his face could reach within her body. His tongue darted outward and touched her clit and she gave a favorable sign. Then he set to bring on the rush, his movement of the weapon of choice covering her pleasure mound where the nerves gather to a point. She lean farther so to expose it more clearly and he knew that he was hitting the right spot then. Rounding the button with his tongue then causing her to gasp and draw down with his lips grasping her clit between and giving a gentle suck. It was as if her now had her body and soul at this one point of her body and all her attention was in the moment. While his lips held fast, his tongue then tickled the captive point with a rapid teasing.


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