Paris, Part 2

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This story contains mature or graphic content.

His lips suddenly let go and he drove his tongue deep within the folds and then allowed it to explore her inner regions. Searching for that one spot that the nerves once again come close to a surface within.

At the point where the pelvic bone curves back toward the center. but after some movements in and out he returned to the button once again and continued where the respond was the most active and extreme.

Deb looked across the way and saw the couple was both reaching the point of rush. “Now it the time” she said almost in a whisper. He understood his part and once again stood lower his pant and sliding his muscle in. She was so wet then it had not trouble finding and entering between the folds.

Now in almost seems a mirror dance the two couples, one on this side and one on the other were doing a dance performed from the beginning of time. Moving in and out forward and back, the rush coming closer with each push till finally it overcame. Deb in an almost white-knuckle grip upon the railing her body became ridge for a moment then released in wave upon wave of electric jolts that traveled from head to toe.

She could feel the warmth of his own pleasure as it fill the space within.

He held her tight and this added to the sensation as it cause the flows to turn inward and intensify.

Finally the tremors stopped and their stood still in the moon light, the couple on the other side of the street had already disappeared when she looked. “Were they ever there to begin with” she wondered to herself?

He took her hand and disengaging and she bow to pick up the sleeping short that had fell away without her noticing. They walked back into the room together and he lead her to her bed, she sat down and looked up at him. He smiled and said “ado” then started to walk toward the door.

“Your leaving now?” she said after him, “I have done my service as I said what kind of a gentleman would leave a beautiful woman to please herself?” He smile back at her then left the room and shut the door, “Ring-Ring-Ring!” 

Deb awoke to the sound of the phone on the table beside the bed, “Ahh Yes!”

“Madam this is the seven o’clock wake up call you requested!” said the voice on the other end.

She looked about the room, confused she must had fallen asleep after all … or had she?

When it is the most it can be, then is it not just as a dream?


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